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Mission and Vision


The mission of the Bolivian Geological Association is to promote all aspects of geological knowledge and progress in Bolivia, the public interest and support to education of geologists and the public in general on the geological sciences, through congresses, conferences, seminars and the publication and dissemination of relevant scientific and technical information. Also, to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas to enhance the professional excellence of its members and promote links with similar organizations of professionals and institutions in other parts of the world. Finally, to,ensure  the welfare of its members, fostering friendship and cooperation between them.


The vision of the Bolivian Geological Association is to become a united scientific and professional association with international projection, with highly qualified and influential professionals in the fields of geoscience and related industries, whose participation in the regional and national processes of sustainable development have a positive impact in public and private policies in the country. The above is also related to the conduct and ethics of its members and service in research and education.