Inicio Information Presentation

I’m very pleased to present the website of the Bolivian Association of Geologists, this year 2011 that we fulfill our institutional Golden Jubilee. I think this is a great opportunity and of strategic importance to communicate to our partners/colleagues the most relevant information from our institution, our geological conferences, other major events such as seminars and courses, technical articles, awards received, employment placements, progress on the consolidation of our first own headquarters and other geological and/or of public interest news. The main intention is that the website will allow us above all, a contact and communication with our members and with those potential ones.

It is necessary to recapitulate the origin of the association in 1961, at that time the Bolivian Geological Society, when a visionary group of professionals met in order to promote the geosciences in the country, which undoubtedly represents a milestone in strengthening the geological institutions in Bolivia.

The profession of Geological Engineer was born within the framework of a project in a country like Bolivia, whose priority needs were to explore and exploit rationally its natural resources in order to cement the foundations of industrial and technological progress to be applied on economic and national social development, which was decisive in the last 100 years. Especially significant is the contribution of this science in the discovery and exploitation of mineral, oil and gas deposits, in the support to engineering works, environmental protection and prevention of natural hazards.

The Bolivian Association of Geologists will continue to contributing with effort and resolution in all processes and aspects of national development, as it has done in the last 50 years.

This task will be facilitated by the rapid crystallization of one of our fundamental hopes that is to have our own headquarters, which will be basically a training and updating center for professional geologists. The purpose is to build generations of highly qualified geologists, to organize high-level, in constant improvement and development geological congresses, and publishing technical articles of national, regional and global interest.

On behalf of the Bolivian Association of Geologists, I would again give you the warmest welcome to this website.

Osvaldo Arce Burgoa